Orient Beach Resort finally open

Orient Beach Hotel

Are you more of a backpacker type of tourist or do you seek the luxury? We sure want to come forward your needs, whatever they might be. Our hotels ( NOW YOU HAVE 8 TO CHOOSE FROM!) are not made to look the same and to have the same standard. Today it is for those of you, who want THE BEST.

Orient Beach Hotel is in Bwejuu – in South East part of Zanzibar.

It is a complex of 4 apartments ( for now – we are building more of them – write to us if you would like to invest!) all with Ocean View. Every apartment has 2 bedrooms – and in every bedroom there is a walk in closet and bathroom, so it is perfect for two couples or one family. To make your time even better, you have your own living room with TV, kitchen and YOUR PRIVATE SWIMMING POOL – like the one from photo above 🙂 Of course, even though you do have the kitchen, you should not wait to go to the restaurant on the spot- the view there, the food, the design – it is just a wonderful place to have a meal with you and your loved ones! 


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