Tides in Zanzibar, Jambiani


Some of you write to me, asking about the tides. Are tides changing in Zanzibar? In Jambiani ? Is it possible to go swimming when there is a low tide? How deep the water is during the low tide?

So first answer – yes, we do have changing tides. Depending on what part of the Island you are, they can make a small or big difference in the landscape. I am not going to tell you how it works, why it happens – I am not an expert and also you can just google it 😉 But I can tell you what that means in practise.

In Jambiani the changes are big. During the high tide the Ocean comes veeery close to our hotels – especially when it is a full moon, then the tides are bigger.


You can swim during the high tide. When you check on the tides schedule, you can predict that the Ocean will be close to the beach for around 3 hours before and after the high tide.

What about the low tide?

The Ocean is still there, but it is far away from the beach, so you just have to walk a little to get to the place where the water level is enough to swim in it. Some people do that and enjoy this walk, because it really does look beautiful.

Would I do that? No, I usually just wait for the Ocean to come to me 🙂

As you can see, the high tide is usually two times a day, so it is not that hard to find the Ocean close to the hotel – and every time it is there for few hours.

And what if the Ocean is far away, you do not want to walk but are dreaming of cooling down in the water? That’s why we have the pools! And remember, when you stay in our hotels, you get access to all the swimming pools in all hotels we have. So there is a lot to choose from 🙂

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